German Embassy Establishes In Fiji

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The official opening of German Embassy was held in Suva on 19th August 2023. This was a collaboration project involving HLB Fiji and was constructed under the supervision and management of Mohammed Harun, Special Projects Director, HLB Fiji.

New Business Support Grants


There are a number of new initiatives and grants available to SMEs in Fiji. Learn more about Business Link Pacific and how we can assist.

PHARMA 2022 Program in Effect


The Pacific Horticultural & Agricultural Market Access Plus Program (PHARMA) started in Fiji in 2011. The new contract with New Zealand and Australia runs through to July 2026.

Australia Declares New Era in The Pacific


Australia Declares New Era in Pacific

Australia recently announced economic policies and support for the nations in the Pacific, which will not only contribute to the economic development of the Pacific countries but also solidify ties within the South Pacific region.

2022-23 Fiji National Budget Highlights


The Fiji 2021/2022 National Budget has received strong support from businesses and individuals. The policies announced by the Government will ensure that the cost of doing business and the cost of living is subsidized through the pandemic period.

Private Binding Rulings – January 2022

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With our economy moving towards the new era of development and advancement, the Fiji Revenue and Customs Services (FRCS) has now implemented Private Binding Ruling (PBR).

A PBR should take the form of legally binding advice which a taxpayer may seek from FRCS. The ruling typically binds the tax authority such that the taxpayer will ordinarily be protected from additional tax, penalties and interest when relying on the ruling issued.