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We provide a range of services that include name reservation, company, sole proprietor & partnership registration for local and foreigners.

In addition, we also provide assistance whereby changes are required to be made to existing registered companies & businesses in Fiji that includes attending to change in name, directors, shareholders, registered office, share structure and other related changes.


How we can help

If you are not ready to register your entity as a foreign company or local company but you wish to ensure the name is available then we can assist by reserving the name on your behalf. Subject to name availability, name will be reserved for 60 days. If you wish to extend this period, we can further apply to reserve the name again prior to expiry date. However, the Registrar of Companies office will not reserve the name for a very long period as this prevents other potential business operators from using the name legitimately.

There are various types of company

Private company limited by shares:

  • the liability of members is limited by the articles of association. The applicable legal element is “Pte Limited” or “Pte Ltd”.
    * requirement of minimum one officeholder who is an ordinary resident of Fiji

Public company:

  1. Limited by shares
  2. Limited by shares and guarantee
  3. Limited by guarantee – no share capital and the liability of members is limited by the articles of association to the amount that the members respectively undertake to contribute to the assets of the company in the event of its being wound up. Non-profit-making organisations are usually registered as guarantee companies.
  4. Unlimited liability company
    *requirement of minimum 3 officeholders and at least two have to an ordinary resident of Fiji and minimum 1 company secretary

Based on above selection, we can register your company successfully in Fiji.


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