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German Embassy Establishes In Fiji

The official opening of German Embassy was held in Suva on 19th August 2023. This was a collaboration project involving HLB Fiji and was constructed...

Showcase 2023 & HLB Academy Programme

HLB Fiji participated in Showcase 2023 organized by Outsource Fiji. The 9 day event allowed us to promote HLB locally and Internationally.

Reserve Bank of Fiji – July Policy Update

The Reserve Bank of Fiji continues to closely monitor the Fiji economy and pursue prudent policies to maintain stability and give confidence to investors and...

Meet Soheza – Audit Manager

Learn about Soheza's journey at HLB in Fiji. She commenced at the firm as an undergraduate and today works with many different types of clients.

New Business Support Grants

There are a number of new initiatives and grants available to SMEs in Fiji. Learn more about Business Link Pacific and how we can assist.

National Economic Summit 2023

The Fiji government are looking to make investing in Fiji more easily achieved with less “red tape”.

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