Investment Fiji (I.F.)

Charting the waters of Fiji’s investment regulations is the key to a successful business start up in Fiji. There are many aspects to a complete investment approval process, which may well cover some of the following regulatory bodies; IF, Reserve Bank, FRCS, Immigration, Customs and more.

At HLB Mann Judd (Fiji) we provide a complete and full service with regular compliance checks to ensure all our clients are up to date on all matters necessary.

Assisting Investors

We specialise in assisting new investors in Fiji to set up their businesses in the most effective way and to ensure that they comply with all the necessary statutory and regulatory approvals.

In this way investors can establish their businesses with confidence and, most importantly avoid unnecessary pitfalls and hurdles later down the track.

We have excellent working relationship with the banks in Fiji as well as a number of eminent law firms.

As an indication, the following are some of the requirements to establish a business in Fiji, which we can handle on behalf of clients. We can assist on all of these matters. We will provide timeframes and costs of attending to these matters including Government filing fees.

In order for any foreign investor to set up and operate a business in Fiji, it is essential to first determine how much capital the foreign investor intends to invest in Fiji. Under Investment Regulations 2022, the minimum investment threshold is FJ$300,000 with the exception of nine restricted activities which have a minimum investment threshold ranging from FJ$500,000 to FJ$2,000,000. Any foreign investor commencing any activity in Fiji with an investment amount of FJ$300,000 or more must bring in the capital within 3 months from date of incorporation and formalize the same with Reserve Bank of Fiji.

Subject to above requirements, foreign investors can apply for a waiver on the minimum investment threshold to the Ministry of Commerce, Trade, Tourism & Transport. We specialize in assisting investors with such waiver applications to ease them in doing business in Fiji and we hold excellent business relationships with relevant Government Offices’ on the same.

Foreign investors can engage in a range of open activities in Fiji with the exception of 9 restricted activities which attract higher investment levels and certain conditions to be met. For further details, please contact our team.

Investment Fiji Role

Investment Fiji (I.F.) is Fiji’s Investment and Trade Promotion Agency, regulated under the Investment Act 2021 and Investment Fiji Act 2022. They provide policy advocacy and after care services to foreign investors enabling them to adjust to the investment environment.  Our firm acts as a mediator between our foreign investors & Investment Fiji to assist with adapting to the business environment in Fiji and obtain necessary approvals, waivers, concessions & permits from relevant Government Departments in Fiji.

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