Australia Declares New Era in The Pacific

Economic policies and support for the nations in the Pacific

Australia Declares New Era in Pacific

Australia recently announced economic policies and support for the nations in the Pacific, which will not only contribute to the economic development of the Pacific countries but also solidify ties within the South Pacific region.

Climate Change

The new Australian Government (Labor Party) are planning to address the climate change issues in the Pacific by setting up an Australia-Pacific Climate Infrastructure Partnership to support climate-related infrastructure and energy projects in Pacific countries.

Focus will be on renewable energy; classic example would be using solar energy.

Investment and implementation of energy projects by such developed countries will allow for new employment opportunities for locals and assist the growth of the economy.

Employment initiatives

Australia has promised to crack down on exploitation in the country's seasonal worker programme, to let Pacific workers on longer visas bring their families to Australia with them, and to provide 3,000 permanent visas a year for Pacific Islanders. This will allow for a migration opportunity for the Pacific Islanders.

Australia will offer work and education opportunities for families, many of whom send remittances back to their home country, in turn stimulating the local economies.

Australia has also indicated an investment in the region of an extra A$500m in aid over the next four years in projects, infrastructure and various support programs.

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