Issue 6

Warehouse Business Investment Package
1 March 2021

  • Under the Warehouse construction incentive packages, there are two categories of incentives:
  • Warehouse Business Incentive Package (WBIP) - provides incentive to companies engaged in the business of hiring out or renting out a warehouse.
  • Warehouse Construction Incentive Package (WCIP) - incentive to companies constructing warehouse.
  •  Warehouse Business Investment Package applies to a project with capital investment over $250,000, where the project commences on or after 1st August 2019 and the warehouse is completed within 24 months from the date the provisional approval is granted.
  •  Capital investment includes the cost of support infrastructure and consultant fees but excludes the cost of land.
  •  It is important that businesses know about this incentive so that they can utilise the opportunities of growth provided to them by the Fijian Government.
  • Warehouse Investment Package
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