Investment Fiji (I.F.)


Charting the waters of Fiji’s investment regulations is the key to a successful business start up in Fiji. There are many aspects to a complete investment approval process, which may well cover some of the following regulatory bodies; IF, Reserve Bank, FRCS, Immigration, Customs and more.

At HLB Mann Judd (Fiji) we provide a complete and full service with regular compliance checks to ensure all our clients are up to date on all matters necessary.

Exchange Control


Fiji’s banking system is controlled by the Reserve Bank. It regulates the Fijian monetary and banking system, the issue of notes, administers exchange control as well as other services. It also regulates the liquidity of the trading banks. The Reserve Bank plays an important role in maintaining a steady economy by controlling foreign reserves and country liquidity.

Foreign investors will need to maintain current and regular information with the Reserve Bank, which will facilitate smooth business for each investor.

Immigration Applications


Our firm provides a range of services to assist our clients in dealing with Fiji Immigration Department.

Companies Office Services


We provide a range of services that include name reservation, company, sole proprietor & partnership registration for local and foreigners.

In addition, we also provide assistance where changes are required to be made to existing registered companies & businesses in Fiji. This includes attending to change in name, directors, shareholders, registered office, share structure and other related changes.

Legal & Investment Services


We have a dedicated legal team to provide full business compliance for investors and businesses in Fiji. We cover all facets of new investments in Fiji, maintain compliance to existing investors.